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Malta / April 30th - May 2nd 2024

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Malta / April 30th - May 2nd 2024




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The Green Vision Summit & Expo stands out from typical conferences. It serves as a platform that integrates interactive and creative sessions, uniting individuals who take action, sustainability experts, and their solutions with decision-makers. It operates as a co-creation hub, fostering collaborative efforts towards implementation. Unlike conferences with multiple stages, we have a single main stage, exhibition area, and workshop area, prioritising quality over quantity.
Our goal is to provide attendees with the opportunity to work together and engage on a peer-to-peer level.

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Renewable Energy: Powering the Future

Phase Down, Phase Up or Phase Out? In December last year, COP28 showed us how narratives can be lopsided, how a country like Brazil can go from good guy to being branded traitor in the time it takes to sign an OPEC membership treaty and how action groups sprang up seemingly out of the woodwork, determined not to let anyone get away with anything. In this track, we benchmark what has been achieved to date and how we all have a part to play in demanding clean energy for a viable future.

Earth: Food and Water

The narrative on solving world hunger has been sold to us as follows: the only way to feed the ever-growing numbers of people on the planet is the mass production of food. But industralized agriculture has been responsible for some of the most catastrophic environmental destruction in almost every area it is practised: monocrops deplete the soil which requires artificial fertilizer and pesticides which kill off insect life both below and above ground – a vicious circle. In the name of achieving plenty, we have created paucity. What are the solutions? How can they be achieved? And who is doing it?

Finance Change = Changing Finance

Change costs money. Even before last year’s COP meeting, many of the world’s top financial institutions have been putting their heads together over what must be financed, when, and where the money has to come from. But we can’t just throw money in the general direction of a problem and run in the opposite direction. The strategy behind these key issues is crucial – we can’t afford any unnecessary lapses or errors, as we’re clearly running out of time. In this track, our speakers will be looking at what has to be done to finance the climate change in the long run and change the way global business is financed so that it becomes an effective tool in halting climate change.

Travel and Tourism

From straightforward service industry offering travel, accommodation and food, tourism is developing into an industry delivering experiences. Travellers will be able to choose from a wide range including rejuvenation, wellness, learning new skills and having adventures. It is estimated that travel and tourism will be the world’s largest industry by 2050. We examine the changes it will have to make to get it there in a sustainable way and what this means for both tourist and destination.

Igniting hope, a vision for a sustainable future

In a world often clouded by fear and uncertainty, discover how hope emerges as a beacon of change, guiding us towards a future defined by possibility and progress. This session delves into the dynamic interplay of hope on the individual, business, and societal levels, illuminating its role in fostering resilience, fueling innovation, and cultivating a shared vision for a sustainable tomorrow. Join us on this collective journey, where each step forward becomes a testament to our resilience and a promise of hope for generations to come

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