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Marc Buckley
Marc Buckley@marcearth
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I feel so bad for those who missed the The Green Vision Summit it was Amazing! Very diverse in speakers and audiences who are all beautiful and talented leaders in the world. Luckily in a week or so the videos and photos of the event will be released with the learning and takeaways from all the speakers and questions from the audience. Please follow and check back to be blown away and start planning to come in 2025. Thanks to Sabrina Agius Sarah Needham Kathleen Schroeter Malte von Tiesenhausen for Graphic Illustrations Benedicte Hagen Mjøs for Hope and Dina Baenninger🇨🇭for Resonating with all the the topics and themes throughout the entire Summit bringing us LOVE Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and all the others involved in this event. My absolute highlights were Eva Keretic, Vandana Shiva, Benedikt Bösel, Hjörtur Smárason, Gareth Presch, and Petter Gulli.
Petter Gulli
Petter Gulli
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So profoundly honored to be invited to speak at the summit. A fantastic opportunity to be inspired by, and to meet and get to know, a a bunch of fantastic people. It was all great but a special shoutout to Marc Buckley 🌍 Conor Warren Anita Soina (The Green MP) Elizabeth Wathuti , O.G.W and Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo for extraordinary inspiration and fab Benedicte Hagen Mjøs for inviting me and leading the most inspiring session of the conference: Path to Hope. Finally Sabrina Agius Sarah Needham Kathleen Schroeter you rock
Gareth Presch
Gareth PreschCEO, World Health Innovation Summit
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Inspiring few days in Malta discussing the sustainable development goals. Feeling motivated after meeting a fantastic group of people WHO are determined to deliver a future that leaves no-one behind! Grateful to Sabrina Agius for her leadership and vision. Congratulations to Malta for hosting us and opening opportunities to deliver a sustainable and regenerative future for all. Special mention to everyone who has made it happen and to the people who are driving positive change and shaping the future of sustainability around the world
Sonya Sammut
Sonya SammutAmbassador for Organic and Sustainable Food | Food Systems Director | Lecturer
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A massive shout-out to Sabrina Agius of GSE Technologies for giving me a seat at the Green Vision Summit and Expo hashtag#GVSC24 and allowing me to join the conversation about hashtag#foodsecurity local vs global who has the answer with Marc Buckley 🌍 Eva Keretic Olga Graf and the expert hands of moderator Kathleen Schroeter. I spoke about loads of things related to our work in hashtag#organicfood and hashtag#foodsystems strategy, including the need to rediscover the joys of having a healthy relationship with food, starting in schools, the need to drive businesses towards more sustainable models, and the change we can see when we empower consumers to make better choices, but the highlight of the afternoon came thanks to the clever illustration of Malte von Tiesenhausen who not only captured me with my curls, earrings, and a transformed Ambassador logo, but spontaneously translated “ecological literacy” to describe our farmers into “biologically literate”. This may sound strange, but with their resistance to novelty, our farmers have retained traditional practices and methods and remained hashtag#sustainable. It is this hashtag#resilience we Maltese possess as a nation. It is the same resilience that has defined us throughout our long history, shaping our past and also our future. It is the resilience that makes us hashtag#proud.
Jericca Cleland
Jericca ClelandFilmmaker | Transformative Storyteller
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So inspired and grateful to have been a part of this powerful group of changemakers gathered at the Green Vision Summit & Expo hosted by GSE Technologies in Malta! Gareth Presch says it so well below… thank you to all the organizers, moderators, speakers, and participants. Looking forward to the positive ripples of impact that flow from all of the ideas, perspectives, discussions, debates, solutions, insights, and wisdom shared here!
Chris Caldwell
Chris CaldwellCEO at United Renewables
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Last week I was blessed with a glimpse of what could have been It was both beautiful and frustrating, and I’ve just got to talk about it We all know that climate governance is not fit for purpose. COP in particular has decayed into a bloated media circus, rubber-stamping another year of dither Instead, imagine what COP could have been if we banned the fossil lobbyists, disinvited the conflicted politicians and cleaned out the corporate sideshows and marketing machines. Then subtract 75,000 other sightseers and hangers-on too. What would remain? The answer is something very close to what I experienced at the Green Vision Summit and Expo (GVSE) in Malta last week. Sixty of the most inspirational green leaders on the planet came together with a shared mission – to actually solve our problems. Gone was the grandstanding, handwringing, and techno-shilling. Instead, we lucky few found new allies – even friends – in common cause. This was a climate gathering as they are meant to be. It was a revelation to discuss and debate practical action in good faith. Ego was left at the door; everyone listened; and many changed their minds, myself included. But it was not perfect. At times it felt like a resistance meeting behind enemy lines. Malta is bottom of the EU for clean energy, and just approved a new diesel power plant The government is not ready, and nearly forfeited this once-in-a-generation opportunity for their people. It is a testament to the grit and creativity of the summit’s organisers that it happened at all. I’m not letting that spoil my high. It was a privilege to be invited, offer a keynote, and pitch in on panels. That was a drop in the ocean compared to what I received back. I left enlightened, inspired, and rejuvenated. Now I feel a duty to share it with those who couldn’t be there, too. Over the next few weeks, I’m giving over the Conversations on Climate channel to make a run of GVSE recordings available to everyone – absolutely free. Expect speeches, panels and interviews with futurists and artists, entrepreneurs and journalists, green politicians – and even bona fide royalty. I didn’t realise how much I needed that dose of positivity and togetherness. If you ever feel discouraged or alone in climate work, I hope you find it just as restorative and energising. This is my call to you all. Yes, COP is broken. But it will never change if we keep indulging its monopoly. Together, we need to build our own parallel universe of climate gatherings like GVSE, for those of us who genuinely want to solve this crisis. Because when the right people come together, magic happens. Hope happens. So, let me amend my opening sentence: Last week, I was blessed with a glimpse of what must be. Please come join me there.
Evelyne Freitag
Evelyne FreitagNon Executive Director | Former CFO Sanofi | Board advisor (Finance, Transformation, Digitalization & ESG) | Speaker | French-German Strategy Deployment
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A great initiative and inspiring moments at the hashtag#GreenVisionSummit in Malta! Thanks for inviting me sharing my perspective on the green Vision and Transformation from a finance perspective and the opportunity to meet this engaged diverse community around topics like: 🔸 Renewable energy 🔸 Travel and tourism 🔸 Financing Change 🔸 Earth, food and water 🔸 Construction and built environment and for sure igniting hope and belief in a hashtag#sustainablefuture. Thanks to all other fascinating presenters for their insights and our exchanges and our hosts for the initiative, organization and wonderful moderation of the event.
Dawn Heng
Dawn HengBusiness Consulting | Merandi Global Consulting
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Heartiest Congratulations Sabrina Agius and Green Vision Summit and Expo Team!! 🎉 🎉 It had been an eyeopening experience being able to work and learn from you! Thank you for providing Merandi Global Consulting Pte Ltd such a precious opportunity in the final lap to the Summit to understand the tremendous effort and sheer determination showcased by our Inspiring Leader Sabrina Agius and GSE Technologies team in delivering this highly inspiring first Green Vision Summit & Expo 2024! Look forward to the next upcoming Sustainability Event or Summit organised by GSE Technologies!! 💫 For all partners in the Sustainability and Investment Industry, do check out Green Vision Summit and Expo
Sarah Needham
Sarah NeedhamInclusive Leadership Accelerates Positive Change | Executive Leadership Advisor & Coach - Professional Certified Coach | Chartered Engineer | B-Corp Certified Business
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People coming together to hashtag#cocreate & hashtag#collaborate! This was one of the biggest impacts of Green Vision Summit this week! After all everything is created through our hashtag#relationships & hashtag#connection with others. So we brought hashtag#changemakers from across Europe, Africa, Middle East & India. We inspired each other with stories, exchanging ideas & solutions. We were looking for ways to re-energize & collaborate. We all know that we are all connected as humans who all call hashtag#planetearth our home 🌏 We are all perfectly hashtag#imperfect & so we can only solve todays problems for hashtag#futuregenerations by working with diverse teams across country & disciplinary boundaries. Thank you to all the amazing speakers & delegates who brought & shared & collaborated together on the Green Vision Summit 2024! I have so much respect & appreciation for you all!
Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir
Inga Rós AntoníusdóttirConsultant and speaker on tourism, digitalization and sustainability!
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The dreamers and the doers came together in Malta last week at the Green Vision Summit and Expo, hosted by GSE Technologies! Great minds from Europe, Africa, Middle East & India came together to present ideas, discuss and co-create a future that works for everyone. I loved having so many young entrepreneurs, activists and change-makers in the room, inspiring us all to do better and be better! Conor Warren, you're amazing and destined to do great things! It was an honor to be on a panel, moderated by Hjörtur Smárason, with Hans Friederich and Patrick Torrent to discuss sustainable tourism and in my case, how the use of digital solutions can increase sustainability and create a better relationship between tourists and locals. Highlights of the 3 day conference included but are not limited to: 🌿 Workshop with school children about climate change and their visions for the future. Thank you for having me Jericca Cleland, Angus Cameron (Goose) and Kathleen Schroeter 🌿 Keynote by Petter Gulli, stressing the importance that we still CAN save the world and that what we need is for everyone to do something. "Be an imperfect leader" were words that hit home, because it's so easy to feel defeated if we try to be perfect and fail. 🌿 Amazing visual documentation by the incredibly talented Malte von Tiesenhausen. How he managed to capture the essence of every single presentation and panel and visually portray it is beyond my imagination!
Eva Keretic
Eva KereticFounder Future Food Campus Hamburg, Climate Activist, Advocate for Food System Reform and Future Food Tech Innovations, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Cofounder/Owner at The Jamplan
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🌍 Excited to share my experiences from the Green Vision Summit and Expo in Malta last week! A massive thank you to Sabrina Agius from GSE Technologies for inviting me to participate in hashtag#GVSC24 🌱. ✨ Highlights: Reuniting with my friend and mentor, Marc Buckley 🌍 and listening again to his inspirational regenerative keynote!! Petter Gulli’s session reminding us of the brutal facts of our environmental challenges, yet also showcasing hopeful solutions like how doubling the hashtag#circulareconomy could cut global emissions by up to 40% 🔄. Dr. Vandana Shiva adding profound depth, sharing wisdom and stories that empowered us all to push forward for a green, regenerative future 🌿 📣 I was also glad to share the results from our study on The Future Food Campus Hamburg that building regenerative production system for new foods and vertical farming, combined with waste-to-energy solutions can achieve net-negative emissions. I am grateful for the Interreg Baltic Sea Region grant that will allow us to continue refining this model. 🚀 🍏The summit brought together global experts to deliberate on many environmental topics. On hashtag#foodsecurity, we discussed both local and global approaches. Sharing insights with Marc Buckley, Olga Graf, Sonya Sammut and under the expert moderation of Kathleen Schroeter, we explored critical aspects of hashtag#organicfood and hashtag#foodsystems strategies. Also great to learn all about Benedikt Bösel's regenerative farming experiences! 👊 A special shout-out to Malte von Tiesenhausen, whose vibrant illustrations captured our discussions beautifully and to Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo who shared the Plastic Punch story. 🙏 Thanks again to Sabrina Agius, Kathleen Schroeter, Sarah Needham, and their team for orchestrating such an impactful summit. Their hard work kept our spirits high and aspirations soaring ✨
John Hall-Acquaah
John Hall-AcquaahProject Management | Infrastructure Development | Circular Economy | Biodegradable | Social Enterprise
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EcoSolve Innovations Africa participated in the Green Vision Summit & Expo held in Malta from the 30th of April to the 2nd of May 2024. This was a great opportunity to learn and interact with like-minded experts and individuals in the area of circular economy. (Watch out for my next post on GVSE24 with my key takeaways and the startup pitch session.)
Angus Cameron
Angus Cameron
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Last week ootiboo was represented by myself and Kathleen Schroeter at the Green Vision Summit & Expo in Malta, organised by GSE Technologies. Kathleen was master of ceremonies while I delivered a workshop with the fabulous Jericca Cleland and Noah Falstein to some of the children from the Island. It was also great to have the support of Conor Warren from Spark UK for the workshop. The event was thought provoking, the delegates inspiring and the politics from the Maltese government, disappointing, with the exception of the Ministry of Agriculture. Our workshop brought together the changemakers of today to inspire the kids, the changemakers of tomorrow through imagination and creativity. We had a visitation half way through from HRM NOTSE PROF. NORTEY OWUO IV, King of Ghana who addressed the children. This was followed by an appearance by environmental activist, Vandana Shiva, often referred to as "Gandhi of grain" who then sat with the children to hear their ideas. I look forward to collaborating with many of the delegates from the event and in our own small way, make a difference for the next generation. A big thank you to Sabrina Agius, Sarah Needham, Janie Ogeah and Benedicte Hagen Mjøs for bringing us all together.
Letizia Muscat
Letizia MuscatTied insurance intermediary at LifeStar Insurance plc Property consultant - Benestates.
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It has been a amazing experience. I've sat through discussions that had me glued to my seat. International personalities that are fighting to save the environment. so reflecting and inspiring. Welldone to everyone who was involved. glad that I had to meet you all. until the next 💫 Specially thanks to & GSE Technologies
Hjörtur Smárason
Hjörtur SmárasonStrategist & storyteller
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What a line up! Well done Sabrina Agius and team 👏👏 A true honour to be part of this event and get the opportunity to visit Malta.


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