Connecting green dots for the global village of tomorrow

GSE Technologies is bringing together micro, small and medium sized enterprises pushing or intending to push for sustainability through eco-friendly products and services for five days of inspiring engagement, purposeful interaction, and optimum fun.


Tackling depletion and climate change on the Maltese Islands on a broad spectrum, requires that we set up the Eco Village as an avenue to introduce and raise awareness of the Green, Sustainable and Eco (GSE) movement to the consumer.

The ECO Village is an exciting project as it invites people with different beliefs from different backgrounds to learn the factual ropes on sustainability, move them away from negative externalities in their day to day business and reconnect them to nature.

The Concept

To strengthen our commitment to chart a GSE course on a national level requires as much interaction from a Business to Consumer (B2C) as it is from a Business to Business (B2B) hence the ECO Village which will be propagated as a fusion fare of trade and festival.

The Vision

The GSE vision for the ECO Village is to create a mini Singapore where unique sustainability characteristics will be represented.

The Mission

To provide a base where local and international companies can showcase and demonstrate their latest eco-friendly and sustainable products and services, interrelate with industry stakeholders and potential clients, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Practical steps to achieving the vision and mission

The Eco Village would play the catalyst between businesses and the consumer in:

Village Square

This village is an outlet to encourage and internationally project sustainable businesses, provide interactive and communal opportunities for locals and tourists, expose people to sustainable alternative lifestyles with smart products, various forms of entertainment, food and art.

Only sustainable and intending sustainable businesses are guaranteed a seat at the square.


Connect green dots and make a big old world feel like a small village.


Improve the livelihoods of individuals and communities.


Save money. Preserve natural resources.


Instil respect for nature. Teach responsibility.


Keep the party going with investment in upgradable and sustainable devices.


Reuse and recycle. Buy and consume only products that you really need.

Food and Drinks

Grow and cook with zero additives, pesticides and antibiotics. Organic foods are healthier and safer.


Draw attention to environmental concerns.


Save money. Preserve natural resources.

Animal Sanctuary

Commit to using only eco-friendly cleaning products as much as possible.

Soul Music

Take advantage of an immensely powerful platform to help ignite environmental change.

Key Features

Empower businesses

Only a prosperous and thriving green economy will generate the investment, innovation, and skills needed to transform products and services and capture international markets.

Participation goals:

Change in Culture and Mentality

Cultures are acquired through years of practice and mindsets and behaviour adopted through acculturation. An adaptive culture provides a foundation for transformation. It also helps organisations overcome cultural fragmentation due to the incomplete integration of acquisitions or a legacy of growth across multiple geographies. During the Eco Village, day to day discussions and interaction with people from different parts of the world will disabuse minds from unsustainable ways of life and help them recognise the transformation imperative.

Participation goals:

Learn and Fun

The creation of a more sustainable environment is impossible without the requisite knowledge and skills just as promoting sustainable designs, products and services will be ineffective without passion for the sustenance of the environment.

Participation goals:

Innovate and Internationalise

Equating innovation with sustainability is the one true way to be at the forefront of the curve of Malta’s sustainable initiatives whilst pioneering new market trends to excite customers.

Participation goals: