Aastha Gupta

Aastha Gupta

Partner, Haldhaara Farms

Aastha Gupta, a barrister with an MBA, now pursuing farming, ardently follows her passion for environmental and sustainable action. Her story unfolds as a narrative of purposeful intersectionality, where precision, strategy and traditional Vedic Indian knowledge converge to redefine the agricultural, animal husbandry and green energy industries.

A founding partner at Haldhaara Farms, she is an architect of green self-reliant ecosystems. She focuses on perennial multi-purpose crops grown with minimal tilling anchored in soil revival. Her enterprise aims to empower farmers, reducing and slowly eliminating reliance on harmful pesticides, weedicides and chemicals.

After a decade-long period of research and trials, Aastha has rediscovered ancient Vedic bio-inoculant cultures that enrich the land with beneficial bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms, converting dirt to living soil. Her enterprise uses these bio-fertilisers for re-establishing degraded and waste lands to create thriving circular regenerative farms, over ten years. The practices and methods organically increase production tenfold and achieve land optimisation.

She is currently focused on a versatile giant grass that acts as a high protein, high fibre, multi-vitamin, all-natural source of animal feed and as a highly productive biomass for green energy generation while building soil resilience. With a deep-seated responsibility towards the planet's well-being, she is committed to shaping projects that extend beyond profit margins.

Her initiative ‘Feed Abandoned Cows’ involved with cow shelters in India, is currently raising funds to feed and care for 8500 stray cows. She promotes establishing a symbiotic relationship between the cows, the land and the people. Additionally, she is working on developing cow dung bricks and plaster that has the potential to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of conventional construction materials while providing the shelters with a stable revenue source.

Aastha's work contributes to multiple SDGs, deriving and feeding into one another. Her primary message is to “Collaborate with Mother Nature for a reciprocatively multi-faceted relationship that benefits all.”

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2:35 pm - 3:15 pm
MFCC, Ta'Qali

Soil Health is the New Wealth

Soil health embodies the enduring ability of soil to operate as a dynamic living ecosystem, essential for sustaining plants, animals, and humans alike. It is a crucial nexus, bridging agricultural and soil sciences with policy frameworks, addressing stakeholder needs, and fostering sustainable supply-chain management. Traditionally, soil assessments primarily targeted crop productivity. However, contemporary perspectives on soil health encompass its pivotal roles in water quality, climate resilience, and human well-being. In this panel discussion, we spotlighted arguably the most critical component of our food production: soil. At Green Vision, we illuminate the paramount importance of soil health, showcasing exemplary instances of implemented solutions that exemplify best practices in our collective stewardship of this invaluable resource.