Allison Dring

Allison Dring

CEO and Founder of Made of Air

Allison Dring is CEO and Founder of Made of Air, a company that produces carbon-negative materials to actively reverse climate change. Made of Air was named the Falling Walls Science

Start Up Breakthrough of the Year and listed in Norrskens’s top 100 impact companies. Allison is an experienced entrepreneur, initiating climate-positive technologies and applying them to real world building applications. She is the 2022 recipient of AmCham Germany’s Female Founder Award.

Previously, as Founder of Elegant Embellishments, she co-invented and manufactured proslve370e, an award-winning building product that reduces urban air pollution using only sunlight.

She is a veteran speaker on topics involving technology and the environment, including a foundational TEDx Berlin talk entitled "Ornament & Climate", which launched the idea of storing atmospheric carbon in buildings. She is an Unreasonable Group Fellow, a BMW Foundation

Responsible Leader, Jury Captain for the Core 77 Design Awards, and Advisory Board Member for the Falling Walls Foundation, Creating Urban Tech Berlin and the The Lifeboat Foundation

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12:45 pm - 1:00 pm
MFCC Ta'Qali

FIRESIDE CHAT: Traction Technology - CCS and beyond