Andrey Kolmogorov

Andrey Kolmogorov BS ENG, MA ECON, DFS FP

Co-Founder, Director & CEO, AEP Group

Andrey is Co-Founder, Director and CEO of AEP TECH, Singapore and regional Director of AEP ENG for the EU region. Andrey brings a wealth of experience with several engineering, business, and economics degrees, spanning 30 years of work in the Asia-Pacific region.

His business acumen, extensive network of contacts, effective communication skills, and proficiency in foreign languages have been instrumental in driving AEP growth in the Southern Hemisphere.

A former Navy submarine engineer, liaison officer, supervisor of International Economic Affairs in Regional Governments in Russia & Japan, UNDP Tumangan TRADP field office coordinator, Andrey worked as a Commodity trader for Fortune-100 Japanese Corp. and entrepreneur in Japan and Australia. With a pragmatic business mindset, integrity, understanding of human psychology and with unwavering drive, Andrey perseveres in goal setting, and meeting KPIs & targets. Resourceful, creative & sharp negotiator, he always seeks the optimal outcomes amidst plenty of variables. Perpetual traveller, juggling his work & family commitments, Andrey is an open-minded proponent of esoterica & oriental studies, striving for knowledge, results and harmony.

All Sessions by Andrey Kolmogorov BS ENG, MA ECON, DFS FP

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Sustainable Waste Management and Resource Recovery Solutions for Arid Climates