Angus Cameron

Angus Cameron

Co-Founder, ootiboo

From the age of seven, after watching the original Star Wars movie in the cinema, Angus wanted to work in film. This early spark became a passion which ultimately led to a 30-year career, working on over 60 films and television series. 

Angus left the industry in 2017 in search of a new challenge. Collaborating with artists on the UK's Kent coast, he delivered a series of community art projects. Working with local schools, these projects revealed the challenges the schools faced, a lack of time, money and resources. Creativity was seen as a low priority although recognised by the OECD as a key future skill. 

As co-founder of ootiboo, Angus embarked on a new challenge to engage children with creativity, not just painting and drawing but also innovation and problem-solving. ootiboo utilises creativity as a vehicle to actively engage children in a wide range of topics and Angus is seeing more and more the importance of education on the environment and climate adaptation. In 2023 the ootiboo team developed their first eCo project and is now developing several others.  Angus believes the company has a responsibility to spark the interest of children from an early age so they become passionate about subjects like the environment and want to become the future problem solvers the world needs.

All Sessions by Angus Cameron

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

WORKSHOP: Stewards of Change

Sparking imagination, conversation and ideation towards possible solutions. We are nature, all of us, and moving to a more sustainable future requires a vision and finding a vision takes creativity, problem-solving and collaboration.