Anita Soina

Anita Soina

Global Youth Champion, UN Sanitation & Water For All, GVSE Ambassador

Anita Soina, a passionate environmentalist and SDG champion hailing from the Maasai community in Kenya has dedicated herself to advocating for climate change action. Through her efforts, she has played a vital role in raising awareness about the pressing challenges posed by climate change and nurturing a new generation of climate change advocates.

Currently serving as the 2023-2024 Youth Champion for the United Nations-hosted Sanitation and Water for All global partnership, Anita tirelessly promotes the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene for all. She utilises her platform to amplify climate stories, particularly those of unheard heroes in grassroots communities. Her objective is to showcase that individuals on the front of climate change are not just victims but also catalysts for change. Anita aims to provide them with a platform that connects them to support and conveys a powerful message: "WE SEE YOU! WE HEAR YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU!"

In addition to her work on climate change, Anita has recently established "The Soina Foundation" and assembled a team to address various social issues such as sexual and reproductive health, education, sanitation, and healthcare. This demonstrates her commitment to addressing a wide range of pressing social challenges.

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