Cathy Perić

Cathy Perić

Co-Founder IDG Valletta Community Hub

Cathy is an experienced executive coach, psychotherapist, facilitator, and consultant with extensive experience across various sectors including business, tourism, culture, health, and education. Her holistic, phenomenological approach centres on empowering individuals, groups, and communities by enhancing self-awareness, acknowledging interconnectedness, and nurturing action toward personal and collective fulfilment of potential. Recognising the transformative impact of individual behaviours on broader societal and environmental levels, she encourages the cultivation of respectful relationships with self, others and the environment and supports proactive engagement to continuously nourish resilience and well-


With an academic background in Business Management, Psychology, and Gestalt  psychotherapy, Cathy is currently pursuing a professional doctorate researching Whole Intelligence, Resilience, and Human Flourishing. She is a co-director of Mnajdra Institute which focuses on fostering holistic and transformative growth experiences that enhance personal and professional leadership capacities. Cathy also runs her private practice in executive coaching and psychotherapy, whilst collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations on projects and initiatives such as the Inner Development Goals and the Green Vision Summit & Expo 2024 that contribute towards the flourishing of people and planet.

All Sessions by Cathy Perić

3:55 pm - 4:20 pm
MFCC. Ta'Qali

FIRESIDE CHAT: Cultivating Hope: Inner Development Goals for sustainable change