Conrad Borg Manché

Conrad Borg Manché

Mayor of Gżira

Conrad Borg Manché is a Maltese politician and the current mayor of Gżira, representing the Labour Party. Born on November 1, 1980, in St Julian's, Malta, he is known for his strong advocacy of sustainable development and environmental conservation. One of his notable achievements was successfully reopening public access to Manoel Island after 15 years of closure due to development projects by MIDI. Borg Manché's efforts led to the signing of an environmental guardianship agreement, ensuring the protection of Manoel Island and its surrounding environment for future generations.

As the chairman of the Manoel Island Foundation, Conrad Borg Manché plays a vital role in safeguarding the island and promoting its accessibility to the public. The foundation focuses on preserving the cultural, community, and commercial aspects of the island while maintaining protected swimming zones and limiting building heights to four floors. The foundation was described by the former Prime Minister of Malta as a model for the positive relationship between the community and investors.

In addition to his environmental endeavours, Borg Manché has been an advocate for the well-being of Gżira's residents. He has actively opposed excessive skyscraper development and emphasised the importance of monitoring environmental factors such as air quality to safeguard the community's quality of life. Conrad Borg Manché's commitment to public service and his achievements in sustainable development have made him a respected figure in Maltese politics. He was elected as mayor in 2015 and re-elected in 2019, becoming the first mayor of Gżira to serve consecutive terms.

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