Daria Larsson Vella

Daria Larsson Vella

Co-Founder, IDG Valletta Community Hub

Daria is a change consultant and coach, passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to navigate significant transformations.

With over two decades of experience working with corporates, in various executive, audit and consulting capacities; and across functions such as finance, governance, operations and development; she came to understand the critical role the human dynamic plays in change situations. This led her to start a new chapter, founding Attuneworks, an enterprise dedicated to coaching and consulting for change.

Daria’s approach adopts a people-centred systemic approach to change, supporting leadership and teams, working through organisational dynamics, and collaboratively developing impactful strategies with clients, to achieve sustainable outcomes.

On an individual level, she helps people navigate personal challenges by helping them uncover underlying dynamics and unconscious narratives; enabling them to gain self-awareness; and explore different perspectives, new behaviours, and ways of being.

Daria is also deeply committed to advancing global sustainability through inner development, becoming extensively involved in the Inner Development Goals initiative, as co-founder of the IDG Valletta Community Hub and forming part of the IDG Global Practitioners Network Core Team.

Daria holds an Executive Master's in Change from INSEAD (Fontainebleau), a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and a Bachelor's (Hons) degree in Accountancy, both from the University of Malta. She is an accredited coach committed to lifelong learning with a focus on mental fitness, neuroscience, emotional and behavioural studies; and in general, all that which promotes humanity and its ecosystem to thrive.

All Sessions by Daria Larsson Vella

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Cultivating Hope: Fostering Our Inner Strengths to Achieve Global Goals

An explorative look at the significant alignment of Inner Development Goals (IDGs) with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and determining how this union can spark profound hope and a sense of purpose.