David Abela

David Abela

Director, EuroBridge

David Abela's educational journey at St Aloysius College laid the foundation for his dedicated and disciplined character. His professional career began in June 1998 when he joined EuroBridge Shipping Services Ltd as a Customs Clearance Executive. Through his hard work and commitment, he swiftly rose to the position of Operations and Marketing Manager in December 1999.

David's dedication to the company and his continuous quest for knowledge in the trade led to a significant milestone in August 2000. At the age of 22, he acquired a major portion of the company's shareholding, becoming one of the youngest Managing Directors in Malta.

Over two decades, EuroBridge has flourished under David's leadership and is now recognised as one of the prominent logistics and freight forwarding companies in Malta. The company boasts its fleet of trailers and offers reliable groupage and full-load services across Europe and the rest of the world.

Throughout his career, David Abela has gained comprehensive experience in the freight forwarding industry. He has also collaborated with a local transporter, providing him with valuable insights into all aspects of the logistics sector. Additionally, his attainment of a Diploma in Transport and Logistics Studies (MCILT) further enhances his expertise in shipping and logistics.

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