Dina Baenninger

Dina Baenninger

CEO Charisma Nova | Brand+Business Strategist, ART THINKER

Dina Baenninger is a visionary leader whose expertise spans brand+business strategy, underpinned by a profound foundation in the arts. With an MFA in Painting and Conceptual Art, Dina first showcased her exceptional multidisciplinary skills in the Swiss deluxe hospitality sector, excelling in marketing and public relations. Her career trajectory took a major leap as a senior executive at the Rose d’Or Global TV Festival, merging creative vision with executive leadership in the field of global entertainment and multi-platform communications.

Dina has been trained in brand strategy and architecture at LEVEL C, under the mentorship of branding legend Marty Neumeier. Her profound understanding of the creative and strategic elements that drive business innovation sets her apart in the world of strategic consultancy. As the founder and CEO of Charisma Nova, Dina Baenninger brings a formidable blend of artistic vision and strategic acumen and champions transformative change within the business landscape. Dina assists organizations and leaders eager for substantial change, helping them to anchor sustainability and purpose as key drivers of competitive advantage, aligning profitability with the prosperity of people and the planet. Her guidance helps businesses pioneer new practices, technologies, and mindset shifts, ensuring they are not only adaptable and competitive but are leaders in purpose-driven innovation.

Dina's visionary approach extends beyond the corporate sphere into initiatives such as UN11th, a creative collective focused on sustainable urban development, and has a pivotal role with ALOHAS Regenerative Foundation, as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances forging bonds for reaching the UN SDGs on a global scale. She is also the Creative Heart of RESONANCEproject.earth, a social ARTivism project with the aspiration to become a global movement empowering billions to contribute to the greater good. Through projects like these, Dina actively pushes the boundaries of the status quo towards systemic change, combining her strategic acumen with art thinking and transformative experience design.

In a world demanding transformative solutions, Dina Baenninger makes purposeful business a profitable reality, proving that art and strategy can indeed coalesce to design a better, more sustainable future. She sees human transformation at the core of redesigning the existing systems into regenerative ones, where economy, technology, humans and nature coexist and thrive as a healthy and self-sustaining organism.

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