Dr Anton Refalo

Dr Anton Refalo

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights

Born in Gozo, in 1956, to Carmelo and Georgia, Anton Refalo is a lawyer by profession, having graduated in legal studies in 1980.

Dr Anton Refalo has contested all general elections in Malta since 1987 with the Labour Party and has always been elected on the first count. He served as Parliamentary Secretary for Gozo between 1996 and 1998 when the Labour Party was returned to Government. In 2013, following the election of the Labour Party to Government, he was appointed as Minister for Gozo, a role in which he served until 2017. In May 2018, Dr Refalo was appointed Chairman of Heritage Malta.  Dr Refalo has recently been appointed as Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Rights.

Refalo is very active, both in Parliament and at the Maltese Law Courts. Indeed, in the political arena, he is a regular participant in ongoing debates both locally and abroad, submitting parliamentary questions, while contributing to the local media and very often participating in organised seminars related to current regional and national issues.

Outside politics, Refalo is a known art collector. He finds music and appraisal of art as a healthy way to enjoy life. He also served as President of the Gozo Football Association. He loves the company of his family at home, as well as travelling, particularly in European and Mediterranean countries. He loves Gozo dearly with its impressive flora and fauna and with its landscapes which are indeed beautiful. Anton has profound admiration for Maltese and Gozitan voluntary organisations and NGOs.

Anton is married to Michelina. They have two teenage children Andrè and Simona.

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