Dr. Ariel T. Thomas

Dr. Ariel T. Thomas

Ariel is a geophysicist and science communicator researching the occurrence of offshore freshened groundwater (OFG) systems on continental shelves globally. He made a pivotal career transition from hydrocarbon exploration to pursue a doctorate in natural sciences at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he received a distinction for his work on the New Jersey shelf, USA.

Currently based at the University of Malta, Ariel serves as the Acting Chairman of the OFF-SOURCE COST action, a scientific network dedicated to investigating the viability of freshwater stored in offshore aquifers as a resource for coastal regions.

With roots in Trinidad in the Caribbean, Ariel has lived in five countries, fostering an international perspective that he leverages to facilitate collaborative scientific research. Ariel also holds the role of Managing Director of the Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy. He is committed to informing responsible and sustainable development, particularly in water-stressed regions, through his extensive experience and network.

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