Dr. Gavin Gulia

Dr. Gavin Gulia

Chairman, Malta Tourism Authority

Dr Gavin Gulia received his education at De la Salle College, Cottonera in Malta, and pursued his legal studies at the University of Malta, where he graduated with a Doctor of Laws degree in 1988.

With a successful political career, Dr Gulia served as a Local Councillor in Haz-Zebbug from 1993 to 1995 and has been elected to the Malta House of Representatives multiple times, serving in 1996, 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2021.

Throughout his political journey, he held significant positions such as Parliamentary Secretary for the Self-Employed and Minister of Justice. He also served as Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Economy, and Tourism.

In addition to his legal and political achievements, Dr Gulia currently holds the esteemed position of Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority. In this role, he plays a crucial part in shaping and advancing the tourism industry in Malta.

Dr Gavin Gulia's multifaceted career as a lawyer, politician, and Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority exemplifies his commitment to public service and his dedication to the growth and prosperity of Malta.

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