Eva Keretic

Eva Keretic

Founder & Project Coordinator, Future Food Campus Hamburg

Eva Keretic has many chapters in the book of her life. As an American Singer/Songwriter living in Germany, composing, producing, releasing and performing 6 Albums live, as well as

Children’s Songs and Advertising Campaigns, her musical journey was long and inspirational. She founded a team-building songwriting agency and has worked for companies like Otto, Mondelez, Adidas, and Milka.

6 years ago she began her adventure into climate advocacy and decided that Food System Reform was to be her choice for achieving climate solutions. She is a Climate Reality Leader and Mentor for the Al Gore Climate Reality Project. She founded and leads the Foodworks Association and is the CEO and driver of The Future Food Campus in Hamburg. She has had various talks (TEDx, AVF Summit, FFA Forum for the Future of Agriculture, International Scientific Conference on Cultured Meat, Kind Earth Tech ) on food reform. She is also an ambassador for the Farm/Food/ Climate/ Challenge at Project Together and a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Committee for Innovation and Research.

She is currently working on creating a Future Food Campus in Hamburg which is a visionary concept designing a regenerative food production ecosystem for the city, utilizing energy-efficient processes and circular design methods. The goal is to rethink our current traditional food production system and create a decentralized one with novel foods, controlled indoor farming, and a patented sublimation system that has less environmental impact and higher yields. She has received many grants to fund her vision and her team is currently working on the LCA, a Future Food Virtual Exhibit for cities, and the business development of the Campus.

All Sessions by Eva Keretic

1:50 pm - 2:35 pm
MFCC, Ta'Qali

Food Security - local vs. global: who has the answer?