Evelyn Freitag

Evelyne Freitag

Non Executive Director (KfW IPEX-Bank) & Board Advisor

Evelyne Freitag is an international top manager with broad operational experience in industries such as healthcare, automotive and consumer goods. As a managing director and Chief Financial Officer, she controlled billions of sales and was responsible for thousands of employees in companies such as Daimler, Pfizer, Kraft, Pentland, Goodyear Dunlop and Sanofi. The all-rounder is an experienced change agent and is considered a pioneer in digital and sustainable transformation.

In Supervisory Boards, in addition to her traditional monitoring function, she is particularly involved in topics such as governance and efficiency of committee work, risk strategy and sustainable and measurable ESG implementation.

The French-German is today a member of the Supervisory Board of KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH, Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board at IVA Valuation & Advisory AG and she advises companies, family foundations and offices as Board Advisor and Finance expert, predominantly in digital and ESG transformation matters.

Since 2019 she has been nominated as a French Foreign Trade Advisor by the French Prime Minister and leads the French-German Healthcare Group supporting start-ups and SMEs in their international development.

All Sessions by Evelyne Freitag

2:00 pm - 2:15 pm
MFCC Ta'Qali

KEYNOTE: Financing Change = Changing Finance

Change costs money. Even before last year's COP meeting, many of the world's top financial institutions have been putting their heads together over what must be financed, when, and where the money has to come from. But we can't just throw money in the general direction of a problem and run in the opposite direction. The strategy behind these key issues is crucial - we can't afford any unnecessary lapses or errors, as we're clearly running out of time. How can we finance long-term climate change efforts and transform global business financing into an effective tool to halt climate change?

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm
MFCC Ta'Qali

Follow the Money Strategy, Implementation and regulation: chicken and egg, or logical progression?

While a lot of companies and their CFOs are looking at how to handle multiple crises and satisfy their stakeholders on demanding ESG requirements, corporate finance institutions are trying to find ways to sensibly finance the climate transformation and set the right incentives. As a result, the CFO role and financial strategies overall are continuously evolving, while the regulations try to set the frame and corporate finance tries to adapt its strategy. But can the regulatory frameworks keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment, new technologies and AI as well as the customers' needs? Our speakers examine these volatile and essential aspects of doing business today.