Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir

Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir

Partner at Chameleon Strategies

Inga Rós combines extensive experience in tourism and marketing with a deep commitment to innovation, digitalisation, and sustainability. As the recent Head of Digital Development at the Icelandic Tourist Board, Inga played a pivotal role in connecting tourism and technology companies through workshops and innovation projects. She was one of the initiators and hosts of the "Icelandic Travel Tech" conference for several years, fostering a vibrant community of tech startups and traditional tourism enterprises. 

Leading "Digital Tourism in the Nordics" funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, she managed a diverse team from Iceland, Greenland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands, focusing on enhancing digitalisation and sustainability in the tourism sector. 

Her work in the field spans over a decade, in both the public and private sectors, including digital startups across various industries, from hotel management software and Expedia to innovative online astronaut training. This has marked her as a leader and mentor in integrating technology with tourism to enhance sustainability and competitive advantage.

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11:15 am - 11:50 am
MFCC, Ta'Qali

Home is Where the Hassle is!

Locals are increasingly becoming resentful towards tourists and tourism. How can tourism become a force for good and a contribution to the local society, rather than extractive and destructive? How do we better manage the crowds with the help of nudging, design or technology?