Josianne Cutajar

Josianne Cutajar

Member of European Parliament

Josianne Cutajar was elected as the youngest and first Gozitan Member to represent Malta in the European Parliament in 2019. As soon as she assumed office, she commenced her tenure as an active member of the Transport and Tourism Committee, where she was entrusted to work on various digital legislation. Subsequently, she was appointed as a permanent member of the Tourism Task Force and enthusiastically participated as a member in both the ITRE and REGI Committees. MEP Cutajar

Given that MEP Josianne Cutajar hails from an island state with a well-established tourism industry, she possesses extensive knowledge regarding the sector's challenges and opportunities, with a distinct emphasis on high-quality tourism, the importance of connectivity and assisting SMEs in reaching their full potential in the digital and environmental transition. Her legislative efforts in the tourism sector reached their apex with her position as the main negotiator for the Tourism Committee's stance on the Regulation governing short-term rentals. In this capacity, she pushed for the creation of a balanced ecosystem for short-term rentals, benefiting hosts, tourists and local communities alike.

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