Kathleen Schroeter

Co-Founder & CEO, ootiboo

    In 2020, after a total of 13 years working for the prestigious Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Kathleen Schroeter left the world of scientific research institutions and became a technologist & alchemist at the Berlin “Human2Human” company J2C – Journey 2 Creation, a consulting firm with a focus on corporate culture. At the same time, Kathleen was elected to the board of XRBB – Extended Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg, where she still acts as honorary chair.

    In November 2021 she founded ootiboo GmbH with two colleagues from J2C and a longtime friend from the film industry. In collaboration with creative industry stakeholders, teachers and neuroscientists, ootiboo investigates the effects of fostering creative expression on the cognitive development, collaborative thinking, critical questioning and mental health of children and grown-ups worldwide.

    In 2018, the Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) honoured her with the Distinguished Leadership Award in L.A. as one of 13 influential women from the entertainment and high-tech industry. As a public speaker and moderator, Kathleen’s insights into Deep and High Tech allow audiences to contextualise tech trends, deepen their understanding of R&D processes, and explore sci-fi scenarios that could soon become a reality.

    Kathleen is a Social Impact Warrior and High-Tech Conference Moderator.

    All Sessions by Kathleen Schroeter

    5:00 pm - 5:30 pm
    MFCC Ta'Qali

    Way forward/Closing keynote