Mallence Bart-Williams

Mallence Bart-Williams

Activist, Philanthropist, & Multi-faceted Social Entrepreneur

Mallence Bart-Williams is a Sierra Leonean-German activist, philanthropist, and multi-faceted social entrepreneur. With a background in economics and finance, she has pursued her studies in Paris, Singapore, and Great Britain. Currently, Mallence resides across the globe, teaching in universities and online while managing various ventures.

One of her notable projects is LINEAGE, a cultural space located in Bali. Additionally, Mallence is involved in producing THE SACRED GARDEN, an alchemical body care line available in Africa and Asia. She has established a consortium of social enterprises, including ETHICAL MINERALS, THE FREETOWN INNOVATION LAB, THE FEMALE INNOVATION LAB, and PLASMO, all dedicated to addressing social issues, elemental energy, and promoting female equity.

Mallence's work extends to her Freetown-based creative collective, FOLORUNSHO, a "SHARITY" initiative that she initiated with street children in Sierra Leone. Through this project, she has successfully taken homeless children off the streets and into schools by harnessing creativity without relying on donations. This blueprint has inspired millions worldwide to utilize creativity as a means to generate sustainable revenue and has transformed the lives of homeless youth, women, and communities.

With her cross-cultural background, Mallence sees herself as a bridge, connecting diverse cultures and worlds through expansion. Leveraging her unique perspective, she seeks creative solutions to address common problems. Through her social enterprises, Mallence creates connections that enable synergies and drive action-oriented results.

Central to Mallence's work is the belief that "WORLD PEACE STARTS IN THE WOMB." She emphasizes the importance of instilling balance and harmony at the core of all her endeavors, whether it's empowering women through workshops, podcasts, and the FEMALE INNOVATION LAB, or working with Mother Nature through ETHICAL MINERALS, THE FREETOWN INNOVATION LAB, and THE SACRED GARDEN.

Mallence's TEDx talk, titled "CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL," has had a significant impact, resonating with people worldwide. Independently translated into over five languages, the talk has been shared over 50 million times on social media platforms, raising social awareness and inspiring thought leaders to reevaluate Africa's current role. Today, her TEDx talk is recognized as an essential piece of timeless truth, offering insight into the global socio-economic imbalances of our time and becoming an integral part of academia worldwide.

All Sessions by Mallence Bart-Williams

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm
MFCC Ta'Qali

Follow the Money Strategy, Implementation and regulation: chicken and egg, or logical progression?

While a lot of companies and their CFOs are looking at how to handle multiple crises and satisfy their stakeholders on demanding ESG requirements, corporate finance institutions are trying to find ways to sensibly finance the climate transformation and set the right incentives. As a result, the CFO role and financial strategies overall are continuously evolving, while the regulations try to set the frame and corporate finance tries to adapt its strategy. But can the regulatory frameworks keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment, new technologies and AI as well as the customers' needs? Our speakers examine these volatile and essential aspects of doing business today.

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
MFCC Ta'Qali

Sustainable Finance - Why Transparency is the First Step Towards Trust

At the WEF in January this year, an overarching theme was Regaining Trust. But how can trust be established other than through taxonomy regulation, and area in which the EU is currently forging a path. Why is this necessary and how does it affect everyone?