Marianne Behn

Marianne Behn

Partner, Path of Hope

Marianne Behn is a dedicated author, spiritual guide, and senior teacher in the Rosen Method, a bodywork practice. Over the years, she has founded and run the Marianne Behn Academy, where she shares knowledge and guides others on their spiritual journey.

Marianne's passion for healing has led her to practice as a healer and crystal healer, incorporating these insights into her work. Alongside her spiritual journey and knowledge in performing arts, she is deeply engaged in the green shift and sustainability. She firmly believes in the concept of HOPE and actively works to strengthen vitality, creativity, and resilience, both on an individual and societal level.

Furthermore, Marianne has had extensive experience as an educator, Eurythmist, lecturer, former TV host, and podcast host. Her studies in psychology and theatre science bring a unique perspective to her work, and she firmly believes in the power of combining different areas of knowledge for a holistic approach.

Marianne is excited to share her experiences and guidance with individuals and groups alike.

All Sessions by Marianne Behn

2:05 pm - 2:20 pm
MFCC, Ta'Qali

INTRODUCTION: The Path of Hope