Pia Vasallo

Pia Vasallo

Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Coach

Pia is a Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Coach and facilitator invested in supporting sustainable transformations within individuals and organisations. Pia founded Metta Wellbeing, a coaching practice focused on nurturing holistic and transformative growth.

With a comprehensive background spanning diverse sectors, including education, the media and tourism, she has honed her expertise in various executive roles. This experience informed her passion for psychology and coaching, recognising the pivotal role human dynamics play in fostering change. She firmly believes in each individual's innate potential to instigate positive transformations in their lives.

She is an active member and collaborator of several NGOs, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to societal and environmental sustainable development. As a co-founder of IDG Malta, Pia is deeply committed to integrating sustainability into educational and business practices. She emphasises the role of personal growth in driving sustainable system changes, using her skills in coaching and facilitation to empower individuals and organisations to align individual transformation with broader environmental and social goals.

All Sessions by Pia Vasallo

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Cultivating Hope: Fostering Our Inner Strengths to Achieve Global Goals

An explorative look at the significant alignment of Inner Development Goals (IDGs) with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and determining how this union can spark profound hope and a sense of purpose.