Prof. Luciano Mule’Stagno

Prof. Luciano Mule’Stagno

Director, The Institute for Sustainable Energy and Group Leader of the Solar Research Lab, University of Malta

Prof. Luciano Mule’Stagno is a distinguished figure in the field of sustainable energy and solar research. He currently serves as the Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy and leads the Solar Research Lab at the University of Malta.

With a Ph.D. in Physics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Prof. Mule’Stagno brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. Before returning to Malta in 2007, he spent 12 years in the United States, working with MEMC Electronic Materials (now Global Wafers, formerly SunEdison). During his tenure, he held various positions, including Director of Worldwide Labs, overseeing labs across Asia, Europe, and the US. His expertise lies in the characterisation, engineering, and synthesis of semiconductor and solar materials, as well as solar systems, including offshore solar.

Prof. Mule’Stagno is a prolific researcher, with numerous publications to his name, and holds 10 patents related to semiconductor and solar materials. His current research interests focus on photovoltaic systems, materials, and other renewable energy technologies. He actively participates in multiple funded research projects and serves as the leader of ERDF335, a 4.2 million Euro project aimed at establishing a solar research lab within the Institute for Sustainable Energy. He also spearheads Solaqua, a project dedicated to the study and development of offshore solar energy, which includes the formation of a startup. Patent applications, including one for Solaqua, demonstrate his commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Prof. Mule’Stagno is dedicated to heritage and environmental matters. He previously served as the CEO of Heritage Malta from 2007 to 2009 and currently holds a Council membership in Din L-Art Helwa, The National Trust of Malta. Additionally, he serves as the Chairman of the COST scientific committee, contributing to European cooperation in science and technology. His involvement in local companies further showcases his dedication to promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change.

Prof. Luciano Mule’Stagno's multifaceted expertise, leadership, and passion for sustainable energy, heritage, and the environment make him a prominent figure in the field. His contributions to solar research and commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies have a lasting impact on academia, industry, and society as a whole.

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