Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo

Founder & Executive Director, Plastic Punch, GVSE Ambassador

    Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo is a trained Merchant Navy Officer from Ghana with a B. Sc. in Nautical Science from the Regional Maritime University, Accra Ghana. In 2013, he wrote his thesis on the viability of marine plastic pollutants as a raw material. He is an active participant at the Coastal Oceanography and Environment School in Nigeria and Ghana where he broadened his knowledge in the marine and ocean sciences. He is now an Instructor and Organiser.

    Alongside his activities as a media consultant and producer, Richmond is the Founder and Executive Director of Plastic Punch; an NGO using citizen science to inspire behavioural change and influencing policy direction with evidence-based advocacy as well as coming up with sustainable waste management solutions.

    Richmond is an Ocean Engager on the Ocean MOOC, a researcher into marine pollution, ecosystem protection, maritime security, alternative packaging solutions, and climate change.

    He was recently honored with the International Art of Living Human Value Award for his contribution to uplifting human values in society and currently serves on the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies management committee of the University of Ghana.

    All Sessions by Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo

    4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
    MFCC, Ta'Qali

    Our Oceans: Global Dumping Ground or Sustainable Resource?