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Clayton Bartolo

(Minister for Tourism, Malta)

Hon. Clayton Bartolo is Malta’s Minister for Tourism. For the past years, he put forward a substantial number of reforms aimed at putting Malta’s most contributing economic sector on the path of recovery.

Notwithstanding the living challenging times, he successfully piloted Malta’s tourism industry as being one of the least seasonal destinations in the Mediterranean, thus generating incremental tourism throughout the year.

Under his political tenure, the Malta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030 was launched under three overlapping pillars through which will seek to recover tourism to its previous level of economic activity whilst undertaking a thorough rethinking of Malta’s strategic approach to the industry with the aim of revitalising it to face the future from a stronger position.

He is a member of the Public Accounts Committee in the House of Representatives.
Hon. Clayton Bartolo is a certified public accountant and auditor by profession.