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Dr Alaa Garad FRSA, PhD, EFQM, IIP

(Specialist in Strategic Quality and Organisational Learning)

Alaa Garad is an award-winning, dynamic and multi-talented academic and practitioner with extensive expertise in learning, service quality and organisational development.

His outstanding educational impact and experience have earned him admirable positions including a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Technical member at ISO Committee TC/260, Deputy Chair of the Human Capital Committee at the British Standards Institution (BSI), and a Fellow at The Learning and Performance Institute.

Alaa is a recipient of the UK Excellence Leader Award and the Author of the best-selling book, the Learning-Driven Business.

He also chairs the Learning Partners Consortium (LPC), a body established to set things in motion for  COP27 and build on the previous runs of the conference.