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Hon Dr Miriam Dalli

(Minister for Environment, Energy & Enterprise in Malta)

Dr Miriam Dalli is Malta’s Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development.

Her vision to align the islands’ economic success with the concept of sustainability and attain carbon neutrality by 2050 has since her appointment in 2020 been underway.

Through her various works involving supporting businesses and pushing for policies that ensure competitiveness and sustainability, Dr Dalli aims to attract new types of investment, sustain new economies and incentivise the green economy.

Prior to her ministerial role, she was a member of the European Parliament during which she spearheaded the EU’s regulation on reducing CO2 emissions from cars and vans, while also working on the EU’s position on single-use plastics and pesticides.

She graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering in Malta in 1991, Structural Engineering in London in 1993 and Zero-Carbon Economics in Cambridge in 2021.

Dr Dalli holds a doctorate in Law.