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Melanie Vella

(Head of Comms & Engagement – Ocean Generation)

Melanie Vella is motivated by collaboration, inspired by stories and driven by action. She is a leading advocate for a positive approach to sustainability and climate optimism. Through her work, Melanie builds bridges between purpose-driven businesses and grassroots projects who are making good things happen.

Having worked in sustainability for over 10 years, she’s been involved in running hyper-local programmes to multinational campaigns that help ideas spread and build movements of people coming together to have a positive social and environmental impact.

After graduating from Doctor of Laws in Malta, Melanie worked in India and Nepal setting up women’s empowerment social businesses there. She then took the alternative approach by working on Corporate Sustainability Programmes in London for 5 years. Now back in Malta, Melanie works on several projects through her activation agency Tides Rising bringing CSR and Sustainability projects to life. She also manages the Comms & Campaigns for Wave of Change NGO and also works with the UK-based movement-building organisation, Ocean Generation.