A Globally Shared

Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Humanity

Three and a half years ago, we envisioned Malta leading the climate-change conversation. With the recently concluded first edition of the Green Vision Summit & Expo, we can gladly say, that we’ve begun to set the pillars that will make that vision a reality.

Influencers, implementers, researchers, advocates, and private sector representatives came together from different countries across Europe, Africa, America and Asia with evidence, advocacy tools, knowledge, strategies, and
opportunities to enhance networks and partnerships to make progress on our individual and collective roles for a future fit planet.


Inspiring Keynotes

Thought-provoking Panel Sessions

Interesting Fireside Chats

Interactive Youth and Parents’ workshop

Overall cross-fertilisation of knowledge

Who Attended?


School children

Impact investors

Sustainable Agriculturists

Water Conservation & Desalination Enterprises

Ocean, environment & human-centric activists

Building & Construction Agencies

Eco-Tourism Operators

Sustainable Healthcare Innovators

Waste Management & Recycling

Green City Innovators

Renewable Energy Developers